$49 HDMI Extender 1080P Over Rj45 Cat5e/6/7 Up to 328ft, Supports Fu Electronics Accessories Supplies Extender,Cat5e/6/7,Supports,1080P,Fu,$49,Up,HDMI,Rj45,Over,to,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,/Bombidae562045.html,siamandas.com,328ft, HDMI Extender 1080P Over Rj45 Cat5e 6 7 Outlet sale feature to Supports Fu Up 328ft HDMI Extender 1080P Over Rj45 Cat5e 6 7 Outlet sale feature to Supports Fu Up 328ft $49 HDMI Extender 1080P Over Rj45 Cat5e/6/7 Up to 328ft, Supports Fu Electronics Accessories Supplies Extender,Cat5e/6/7,Supports,1080P,Fu,$49,Up,HDMI,Rj45,Over,to,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,/Bombidae562045.html,siamandas.com,328ft,

HDMI Extender 1080P Over Rj45 Cat5e 6 7 Max 71% OFF Outlet sale feature to Supports Fu Up 328ft

HDMI Extender 1080P Over Rj45 Cat5e/6/7 Up to 328ft, Supports Fu


HDMI Extender 1080P Over Rj45 Cat5e/6/7 Up to 328ft, Supports Fu

Product Description


This HDMI extender transmits 1080P HDMI signal up to 328-Ft (100M) fluently and clearly over a CAT6 cable. Maximum connecting 253 receivers.

1×TX sender,1×RX receiver,2×Power adapter, DC5V/1A,1×IR blaster extension cable,1×IR receiver extension cable,1×User manual

HDMI Extender 1080P Over Rj45 Cat5e/6/7 Up to 328ft, Supports Fu

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