for,HDMI,4K,/Megatherium404042.html,Dock,Video Games , Nintendo Switch,YCCTEAM,$23,TV,,Adjustable,Switch,Switch,Adapte,Dock $23 YCCTEAM Switch Dock for Switch TV Dock 4K HDMI Adjustable Adapte Video Games Nintendo Switch YCCTEAM Switch Dock for TV mart 4K Adjustable Adapte HDMI for,HDMI,4K,/Megatherium404042.html,Dock,Video Games , Nintendo Switch,YCCTEAM,$23,TV,,Adjustable,Switch,Switch,Adapte,Dock YCCTEAM Switch Dock for TV mart 4K Adjustable Adapte HDMI $23 YCCTEAM Switch Dock for Switch TV Dock 4K HDMI Adjustable Adapte Video Games Nintendo Switch

YCCTEAM Switch Dock for TV Max 51% OFF mart 4K Adjustable Adapte HDMI

YCCTEAM Switch Dock for Switch TV Dock 4K HDMI Adjustable Adapte


YCCTEAM Switch Dock for Switch TV Dock 4K HDMI Adjustable Adapte

Product description

If you are looking for a TV charging dock for your Switch/Switch Lite console, this is the way to go!

Adjustable Charging Stand supports 4K HD display and can be charged the switch at the same time while playing.


Multi-angle adjustable switch docking station to support a satisfying angle.

The mute fan design which ensures the efficient airflow inside the switch dock, maintains cool even switch at gaming.

Flexible Type C port to protect the console perfectly from the damage of inappropriate docking and plugging.

The switch docking station anti-slip base design prevents it from sliding around or falling over by accident.



YCCTEAM Switch Dock for Switch TV Dock 4K HDMI Adjustable Adapte


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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