/Megatherium414642.html,Cable,Musical Instruments , Live Sound Stage,Light,Black,,Stage,Accu,$7,siamandas.com,Accessory,(AC3PDMX10),10' $7 Accu Cable Stage Light Accessory (AC3PDMX10) Black, 10' Musical Instruments Live Sound Stage Accu Cable Stage Discount mail order Light Black Accessory 10' AC3PDMX10 $7 Accu Cable Stage Light Accessory (AC3PDMX10) Black, 10' Musical Instruments Live Sound Stage Accu Cable Stage Discount mail order Light Black Accessory 10' AC3PDMX10 /Megatherium414642.html,Cable,Musical Instruments , Live Sound Stage,Light,Black,,Stage,Accu,$7,siamandas.com,Accessory,(AC3PDMX10),10'

Accu Cable Stage Discount mail order OFFicial shop Light Black Accessory 10' AC3PDMX10

Accu Cable Stage Light Accessory (AC3PDMX10) Black, 10'


Accu Cable Stage Light Accessory (AC3PDMX10) Black, 10'

Product description

Accu Cable DMX Stage and Set cables will allow you to connect Par Can, Movable Head Fixtures, Lasers, and other lighting affect essentials all to your DMX Control Board or DMX GO device. Professional and durable construction create a cord that is safe and reliable. Design a memorable, state-of-the-art lighting effect show at your next event with ADJ Products and Accu Cable. Perfect for novice or expert set designs and stage lighting applications.

Product description

Accu Cable DMX Stage and Set cables will allow you to connect Par Can, Movable Head Fixtures, Lasers, and other lighting affect essentials all to your DMX Control Board or DMX GO device. Professional and durable construction create a cord that is safe and reliable. Design a memorable, state-of-the-art lighting effect show at your next event with ADJ Products and Accu Cable. Perfect for novice or expert set designs and stage lighting applications.

Accu Cable Stage Light Accessory (AC3PDMX10) Black, 10'


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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