19W,800L/H,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Water,CPU,Pumpe,DIY,Cooling,$32,Reservoir,/Megatherium446742.html,12v,siamandas.com,Wate,Combo, 19W 12v CPU Water Cooling Memphis Mall Pumpe H 800L Combo DIY Reservoir Wate $32 19W 12v CPU Water Cooling Pumpe Reservoir DIY Combo, 800L/H Wate Electronics Computers Accessories 19W 12v CPU Water Cooling Memphis Mall Pumpe H 800L Combo DIY Reservoir Wate 19W,800L/H,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Water,CPU,Pumpe,DIY,Cooling,$32,Reservoir,/Megatherium446742.html,12v,siamandas.com,Wate,Combo, $32 19W 12v CPU Water Cooling Pumpe Reservoir DIY Combo, 800L/H Wate Electronics Computers Accessories

19W 12v CPU Water Cooling Memphis Mall Pumpe H 800L Combo Fresno Mall DIY Reservoir Wate

19W 12v CPU Water Cooling Pumpe Reservoir DIY Combo, 800L/H Wate


19W 12v CPU Water Cooling Pumpe Reservoir DIY Combo, 800L/H Wate

Product description


Material: PMMA + POM + Anode Aluminum
Color: Black + Transparency
Tank length: 110mm, 160mm, 210mm, 300mm (Optional)
Hole site: G1/4 Thread
Rated current: 0.8A
Rated power: 19W
Water pump flow: 800L/H
Starting voltage: 12V
Maximum voltage: 13.5V
Power interface: big 4pin, small 4pin
Overall Length: Approx. 19.5cm / 7.7in

19W 12v CPU Water Cooling Pumpe Reservoir DIY Combo, 800L/H Wate


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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