25mm CCTV Camera Lens Super Clear Pixels 2'' 1 Million New sales 5 Securit 25mm CCTV Camera Lens Super Clear Pixels 2'' 1 Million New sales 5 Securit Million,5,Super,Camera,CCTV,/Will-SMS-English-Doom-English-Language.html,Clear,siamandas.com,Lens,Securit,25mm,Pixels,Electronics , Security Surveillance,$16,1/2'' $16 25mm CCTV Camera Lens Super Clear 5 Million Pixels 1/2'' Securit Electronics Security Surveillance Million,5,Super,Camera,CCTV,/Will-SMS-English-Doom-English-Language.html,Clear,siamandas.com,Lens,Securit,25mm,Pixels,Electronics , Security Surveillance,$16,1/2'' $16 25mm CCTV Camera Lens Super Clear 5 Million Pixels 1/2'' Securit Electronics Security Surveillance

25mm CCTV Camera Lens Product Super Clear Pixels 2'' 1 Million New sales 5 Securit

25mm CCTV Camera Lens Super Clear 5 Million Pixels 1/2'' Securit


25mm CCTV Camera Lens Super Clear 5 Million Pixels 1/2'' Securit

Product Description

Camera Lens

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Product Type: IP Camera Lens
Resolution: 5.0 megapixels
Image Format: 1/2
Focal Length: 25mm
Aperture: F2.4
Mounting: M12
Field angle (1/2 "): d18.8 ° × h15.04 ° × v11.28 °
M.O.D: 0.3 m
BFL: 9.33mm
IR Night Vision: Support
Package List: 1 x 25mm CCTV Camera Lens

25mm CCTV Camera Lens Super Clear 5 Million Pixels 1/2'' Securit

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