,Connectors,/about-us/utilities/cookies-policy,Fielect,SpeakOns,Female,6pcs,$6,Speaker,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,Adapter,Speaker $6 Fielect 6pcs SpeakOns Speaker Female Adapter Connectors Speaker Electronics Accessories Supplies Fielect 6pcs SpeakOns Speaker Over item handling Adapter Connectors Female Fielect 6pcs SpeakOns Speaker Over item handling Adapter Connectors Female,Connectors,/about-us/utilities/cookies-policy,Fielect,SpeakOns,Female,6pcs,$6,Speaker,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,Adapter,Speaker $6 Fielect 6pcs SpeakOns Speaker Female Adapter Connectors Speaker Electronics Accessories Supplies

Fielect 6pcs SpeakOns Speaker Over item handling Nashville-Davidson Mall Adapter Connectors Female

Fielect 6pcs SpeakOns Speaker Female Adapter Connectors Speaker


Fielect 6pcs SpeakOns Speaker Female Adapter Connectors Speaker

Product description

Color:LY-KNT037 6Pcs

One of those adapters that every audio geek needs to have in their toolbox.
XLR adapters for pro audio use.Great for mixers,microphones,amplifiers,EQ,rack gear,keyboards,guitars,electric piano,electric drums etc.
The contact material of the product can minimize the loss of audio transmission signal,and the sound quality can achieve fidelity.

Fielect 6pcs SpeakOns Speaker Female Adapter Connectors Speaker


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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