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Shooting Stars Effect Fiber Optic Kit Light LED Meteor Light Eng


Shooting Stars Effect Fiber Optic Kit Light LED Meteor Light Eng

Product Description

fiber optic light

Shooting Star Meteor Fiber Optic Starlight Headliner Kit

light engine

Shooting Star Light Device

  1. Power input(DC12V)
  2. Indicator lights(red and green)
  3. Bluetooth signal receiver
  4. Light emitting holes(10 Holes)
  5. QR code for downloading APP(Name: My SmartLED)
light engine

fiber optic light


Installation examples


shooting star light


If one meteor/shooting star is made up by 10 pieces of fiber optic cable(1 piece from 1 hole),that means you will get 5 pieces of meteor/shooting star in total.

  • More questions about installation,consult us freely!

Shooting Stars Effect Fiber Optic Kit Light LED Meteor Light Eng

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amsterdam-rotterdam is the first european hyperloop network route
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