MayShow 6 pcs 26 inch Pro Hair Braiding Pre-stretched Popular Extensions Braiding,MayShow,,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,inch,Hair,26,Pre-stretched,pcs,Extensions,$13,6,/anticipate458539.html,Pro Braiding,MayShow,,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,inch,Hair,26,Pre-stretched,pcs,Extensions,$13,6,/anticipate458539.html,Pro $13 MayShow 6 pcs 26 inch Pre-stretched Braiding Hair Extensions Pro Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $13 MayShow 6 pcs 26 inch Pre-stretched Braiding Hair Extensions Pro Beauty Personal Care Hair Care MayShow 6 pcs 26 inch Pro Hair Braiding Pre-stretched Popular Extensions

MayShow 6 pcs 26 inch Pro Hair Braiding Pre-stretched Popular In a popularity Extensions

MayShow 6 pcs 26 inch Pre-stretched Braiding Hair Extensions Pro


MayShow 6 pcs 26 inch Pre-stretched Braiding Hair Extensions Pro

Product description


MayShow Braiding Hair - The quality professional easy braiding hair.

We are a new seller on AMAZON.But we have more than 10 years experience of producing different types of hair extension.our hair products has been sell to USA, Europe and Africa with good reputation and feedback.We treat customers as our friends.

Hair Materials: Quality low temperature synthetic fiber hair.

Hair Type: Pre-stretched synthetic braiding hair extensions

Hair Texture: yaki

Hair Length: 26inch

Weight: About 95g/pack

Package: 6packs/lot braiding hair

Feature: Hot water setting. You can change the style in 80℃/175℃ when you do braiding hair, box braid, senegalese twist crochet Hair, havana twist crochet hair, X-pression braiding hair.

MayShow 6 pcs 26 inch Pre-stretched Braiding Hair Extensions Pro

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