$18 Wet Brush Pro 2.0 Mixed Collection Hair Brush Set. Bundle Contai Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Wet Brush Popular brand in the world Pro 2.0 Mixed Set. Collection Bundle Hair Contai Wet Brush Popular brand in the world Pro 2.0 Mixed Set. Collection Bundle Hair Contai Contai,$18,Set.,Pro,Collection,/brain-anatomy-and-function,Bundle,Wet,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,2.0,Brush,Mixed,Brush,siamandas.com,Hair Contai,$18,Set.,Pro,Collection,/brain-anatomy-and-function,Bundle,Wet,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,2.0,Brush,Mixed,Brush,siamandas.com,Hair $18 Wet Brush Pro 2.0 Mixed Collection Hair Brush Set. Bundle Contai Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

Wet Brush Popular Brand Cheap Sale Venue brand in the world Pro 2.0 Mixed Set. Collection Bundle Hair Contai

Wet Brush Pro 2.0 Mixed Collection Hair Brush Set. Bundle Contai


Wet Brush Pro 2.0 Mixed Collection Hair Brush Set. Bundle Contai

Product description

Pattern Name:Luminous Spiral - Liquid Clouds

Introducing the new and improved Wet Brush! The newly redesigned Wet Brush Pro detangler 2.0 glides through tangles with less effort, pain and over 45% less breakage than other leading detangling brushes. The Wet Brush Flex-Dry's exclusive HeatFlex heat-resistant bristles gently detangle while blow drying and the open vented design allows moisture to be removed from the hair faster, speeding up drying time. OmniFlex brush head flexes in every direction to contour the scalp.The new ergonomically designed handle features finger rests and a rubberized EasyGrip handle for more comfort and control even when hands are wet. Great for wet or dry detangling of all types of hair. The perfect choice for home or professional use.

Wet Brush Pro 2.0 Mixed Collection Hair Brush Set. Bundle Contai


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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