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WOLLONY for Galaxy Note 10 Plus Case Bling Sparkle Shiny Cover f


WOLLONY for Galaxy Note 10 Plus Case Bling Sparkle Shiny Cover f

Product Description

This 3D glitter, hybrid slim case will keep an outstanding look for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 6.8inch. A shock-absorbing bumper combined with anti-slip back, excellently protect your phone from scratches, cracking, and small bumps, you can be sure that your iPhone will remain fully defended.

shinning purple bling case for women girls luxury phone case designed for galaxy note 10 plus
lightweight slim phone case protect screen and camera
elegant cute phone case designed for women girls

Reinforced Shockproof:

4 cushion pads at the corners reinforced shockproof, maximize the absorption of shocks and drops,

Protecting your phone while working, traveling or during outdoor activities

Luxury Glitter Cases:

brilliant color with shinning glitter elements on the back makes your phone look pretty, luxury and fashionable.

You will be the most outstanding girl in the School/ Office/ Party/ Shopping mall/ Beach and so on.

Best for Gift:

Bling bling Case always stay sparkly and not easy to coming off.

Gorgeous Glitter Design, best gift for Christmas Day, Mother's Day, and Valentine's Day.

Camera amp; Screen Protection:

Rise lip on screen /camera 1.5 mm,provide protection for the screen and camera.

Full Protect for Samsung galaxy note 10 plus from impact and scratch.

WOLLONY for Galaxy Note 10 Plus Case Bling Sparkle Shiny Cover f

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