$7 Sabrent Flexible Tripod with Ball Head Bundle for Standard Tripo Electronics Camera Photo Sabrent Flexible Tripod Phoenix Mall with Ball Tripo Bundle Standard Head for Bundle,Ball,$7,with,Electronics , Camera Photo,Flexible,Head,Tripo,siamandas.com,/enchantress371118.html,Tripod,for,Sabrent,Standard $7 Sabrent Flexible Tripod with Ball Head Bundle for Standard Tripo Electronics Camera Photo Sabrent Flexible Tripod Phoenix Mall with Ball Tripo Bundle Standard Head for Bundle,Ball,$7,with,Electronics , Camera Photo,Flexible,Head,Tripo,siamandas.com,/enchantress371118.html,Tripod,for,Sabrent,Standard

Sabrent Flexible Tripod Phoenix Mall with Ball Tripo Bundle Standard Head Sales of SALE items from new works for

Sabrent Flexible Tripod with Ball Head Bundle for Standard Tripo


Sabrent Flexible Tripod with Ball Head Bundle for Standard Tripo

Product Description

Product description

Every cameraman needs a tripod, especially one as versatile as Sabrent’s Flexible Tripod. The Flexible Tripod features a removable GoPro Tripod Mount for fast and secure camera mounting. Rubberized ring and foot grips provide extra gripping power and stability. And it flexible design enables you to level out GoPro camera on uneven surfaces. Get the shot you want with Sabrent’s Flexible Tripod. 

Package contents 

  • Flexible Tripod 
  • GoPro mount adapter 
  • Mini Ball Head with Lock and Hot Shoe Adapter 

Sabrent Flexible Tripod with Ball Head Bundle for Standard Tripo

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