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Durango Men's 11 Inch Flag Western DB4446 NEW before selling ☆ Pull-On Boot overseas

Durango Men's Men's 11 Inch Flag Pull-On DB4446 Western Boot


Durango Men's Men's 11 Inch Flag Pull-On DB4446 Western Boot


Product Description

Devouring slow cooked barbeque, its meat falling off the bone and finding yourself in need of your own stack of napkins. Being in the stands when the high-school quarterback throws the game-winning touchdown, and thousands of people roar in delight. Riding horses with the prettiest cowgirls in the world. Witnessing firsthand the big, bright stars that fill up the night's sky. You have to admit, there's just something about the great state of Texas. To show your pride, go ahead and pull on these Durango Men's Patriotic Western Boots.

Utilizing double-row welt stitching and incorporating a square toe allows these pull-on boots to look like a traditional Western boot. The star of the upper is the Texas flag that is placed on the boot's shaft, it is surrounded by the full-grain leather's dark hue.

The Cushion Flex insole and ventilated cushion footbed will provide your feet with comfort that lasts all-day long. While the tempered steel shank supplies support to this rugged boot and gives you stable footing.

This boot's coolness factor carries onto the bottom, where the translucent graphic enhances the boot's rubber outsole. The Rebel heel is a low 1 3/8", which allows you to have a steady stride.

Deep in the heart of Texas "” or anywhere else on the map "” you need to be wearing this pair of Rebel by Durango boots.

  • Square toe
  • Tempered steel shank
  • Double row welt stitch
  • Cushion Flex insole
  • Rebel heel
  • Rolled shank area
  • Dual-density, translucent rubber graphic outsole
  • Oiled full-grain leather with Flag shaft
  • Contoured removable cushion insole
  • Molded EVA midsole
  • 11 Inches in height
  • Shaft height and circumference may vary by size
  • 15-inch calf circumference

Durango Men's Men's 11 Inch Flag Pull-On DB4446 Western Boot

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