$9 18 PCS Multicolor Flower Headband Women Girl Bohemian Flower Cro Beauty Personal Care Hair Care 18 PCS Multicolor Flower Headband Bohemian New item Women Cro Girl $9 18 PCS Multicolor Flower Headband Women Girl Bohemian Flower Cro Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Bohemian,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Flower,18,siamandas.com,Flower,PCS,Cro,/india/mahabaleshwar/things-to-do,$9,Multicolor,Girl,Headband,Women Bohemian,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Flower,18,siamandas.com,Flower,PCS,Cro,/india/mahabaleshwar/things-to-do,$9,Multicolor,Girl,Headband,Women 18 PCS Multicolor Flower Headband Bohemian New item Women Cro Girl

18 PCS Multicolor Flower Headband Bohemian New item Under blast sales Women Cro Girl

18 PCS Multicolor Flower Headband Women Girl Bohemian Flower Cro


18 PCS Multicolor Flower Headband Women Girl Bohemian Flower Cro


Product Description

  • We are factory. Forcus on design and handmade the flower headband more than 5 years.We are professional,choosing high quality material for you safe to use.We alse bring some premium fashion products for you.Hope for charming your life.
Flower headband
HOPEANT premium Advantage

  • Features:
  • The headband has a good quality elastic band with paper flower and cloth leaves, and it can be stretched easily and give you a comfortable feeling to wear.
  • Beautiful ornaments:
  • These flower headbands are in 18 different colors showing different styles, and there are some green leaves weaved on the slim jute strap and some small flowers pasted on it; They can match well with different clothes and hairstyles, serve as beautiful ornaments and make you look more elegant and charming when you wear them.
  • Wide usages:
  • These beautiful floral headbands are widely applied for many occasions such as performances, parties, weddings, festivals, photography, travel and more, you can create their usages according to your needs, they are suitable for all women in all ages.
  • Product descriptions:
  • Material: paper, cloth and elastic band
  • Product weight: approx. 3.86 ounces/ 108 g
  • Colors: white, pink,Beige,peach red, rose red, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple;light blue.purple,light purple.Royal blue,Silver gray,Hole green,light hole green,coffe, each color for one piece
  • Floral wreath diameter: approx. 16 - 18 cm/ 6.3 - 7.1 inches
  • Flower diameter: about 2 cm/ 0.79 inch
  • Package contents: 18 x Flower headbands

18 PCS Multicolor Flower Headband Women Girl Bohemian Flower Cro

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