Fashion Angels Love Diana Bombing free shipping DIY Design - Sticker Tumbler 56221 Fashion Angels Love Diana Bombing free shipping DIY Design - Sticker Tumbler 56221 $8 Fashion Angels Love, Diana DIY Sticker Tumbler - (56221) Design Toys Games Arts Crafts $8 Fashion Angels Love, Diana DIY Sticker Tumbler - (56221) Design Toys Games Arts Crafts /interruptible292178.html,Toys Games , Arts Crafts,DIY,$8,Fashion,,Design,-,Love,,Diana,Tumbler,(56221),Angels,Sticker /interruptible292178.html,Toys Games , Arts Crafts,DIY,$8,Fashion,,Design,-,Love,,Diana,Tumbler,(56221),Angels,Sticker

Fashion Angels Love Diana Bombing free shipping DIY Design Direct sale of manufacturer - Sticker Tumbler 56221

Fashion Angels Love, Diana DIY Sticker Tumbler - (56221) Design


Fashion Angels Love, Diana DIY Sticker Tumbler - (56221) Design

Product description

Create the most adorable tumbler ever! This Love, Diana DIY Tumbler Set comes with 100 of the cutest waterproof stickers and a BPA FREE clear tumbler. The tumbler holds 16oz. of their favorite refreshing beverage and using the delightfully darling stickers, this tumbler can be personalized to pleasing perfection! The tumbler features a pretty in pink lid with a matching removable straw. It is portable and functional, so it's great for all types of traveling and even those fun trips to grandma's house. The gorgeously designed box makes it the ideal gift for any gifting occasion. Charming cuteness for the child on the go!

Fashion Angels Love, Diana DIY Sticker Tumbler - (56221) Design

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