Set,,Sophia's,Pc.,$8,2,Baby,,/interstaminal328389.html,Clothes,Hear,Toys Games , Dolls Accessories,Doll,Inch,Pink,15,Detailed $8 Sophia's 15 Inch Baby Doll Clothes 2 Pc. Set, Detailed Pink Hear Toys Games Dolls Accessories Sophia's 15 Inch Baby Doll Clothes 2 Set Pink Hear Detailed Pc. New sales Set,,Sophia's,Pc.,$8,2,Baby,,/interstaminal328389.html,Clothes,Hear,Toys Games , Dolls Accessories,Doll,Inch,Pink,15,Detailed Sophia's 15 Inch Baby Doll Clothes 2 Set Pink Hear Detailed Pc. New sales $8 Sophia's 15 Inch Baby Doll Clothes 2 Pc. Set, Detailed Pink Hear Toys Games Dolls Accessories

Sophia's 15 Inch Baby Doll Clothes 2 New York Mall Set Pink Hear Detailed Pc. New sales

Sophia's 15 Inch Baby Doll Clothes 2 Pc. Set, Detailed Pink Hear


Sophia's 15 Inch Baby Doll Clothes 2 Pc. Set, Detailed Pink Hear


Product Description

bitty baby, baby doll pajamas, pjs, sleeper, 15 inch doll clothes

High Quality Satisfaction for the Gift Giver and Receiver!

Sophia's manufactures everything a child needs for their favorite 15 inch doll. Our line includes soft bodied or all vinyl dolls, doll clothing, shoes, accessories, sophisticated play sets and furniture. The collection provides modern trends for the young shopper, plus classic styles appealing to the mother who remembers playing with her own dolls and can be passed down from generation to generation. Playing with dolls is an important part of child development while teaching social skills, imagination and language. During a time when society is consumed by electronics and screen time, dolls introduce traditional, open-ended play. Sophia's products are compatible with many dolls including American Girl Bitty Baby, Corolle, Madame Alexander and more! Sophia’s manufacturing capabilities and detailed styles provide high quality and satisfaction for the gift giver and receiver.

Great for Play

  • at Home
  • on Vacation
  • with Friends

Sophia's 15 Inch Baby Doll Clothes 2 Pc. Set, Detailed Pink Hear

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