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Conference Ultra-Cheap Deals Room famous Camera Full HD PTZ USB Video Ca 1080p

Conference Room Camera Full HD 1080p USB PTZ Video Conference Ca


Conference Room Camera Full HD 1080p USB PTZ Video Conference Ca

Product Description

20xhdmi camera

  • USB2.0 Video Output. Anyone in the office can easily setup and control video meetings.
  • Recommend using Zoom, polycom and skype for business as the conferencing software, you can adjust the video acquisition parameters in the software to improve video quality and liquidity, such as adjust video resolution, video compressor(recommend H.264 or MJPG) and frame rate.
  • Support windows xp , Android system.
  • Professional video conferencing camera for Business Meetings, you’ll feel like you’re face-to-face in the same room. everyone in the room can be clearly seen in professional high-quality video with full HD 1080p camera.
  • 20X optical zoom conference camera with USB interface, RS232,and RS-485, HDMI and SDI supported
  • Note This one is special designed for windows xp and android system.It does not support MAC
conference  big camera

Remote control-Anyone in the office can easily setup and control video meetings.

Remote control Tips: Press the Number(1-9) directly to call the reserved preset, more Fast and Smooth.

USB PTZ conference camera

Horizontal 350 degree

Vewrtical 120 degree

More optical zoom avilable 3x.10x,20x optional

More interface .USB hdmi sdi for you to choose


  • This conference camera do not include MIC and Speaker if you need mic and speaker please check our

asin B08CXMFDR1

  • Conference Microphone Omnidirectional USB Speakerphone Microphone for 8-10 People Business Conference

Conference Room Camera Full HD 1080p USB PTZ Video Conference Ca

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