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Blufly Beaded Glasses Chain Superior Super sale Gold Glas Eyeglass Dangle Drop

Blufly Beaded Glasses Chain Gold Eyeglass Chain Drop Dangle Glas


Blufly Beaded Glasses Chain Gold Eyeglass Chain Drop Dangle Glas

Product description



OCCASIONS: gifts, appointment, wedding, work, anniversary, travel and any other occasion
SUITABLE GROUP: women, mom, mother in law, wife, daughter, aunt, sister, best friend
100% SATISFACTION AFTER-SALES SERVICE: If you are not satisfied with the products, you can get money back or free replacement without any reason. Please contact us immediately; we will solve your problems within 24-hours.
Warm Tips:

1. Please avoid contacting with wax,alkali,blench,correction fluid and other corrosive substances.
2. Please avoid collision with other hard things,so please store them separately in small bags or boxes.
3. Please wipe them with soft cloth when you clean your jewelries.


 May the joy and happiness around you today and always.

Blufly Beaded Glasses Chain Gold Eyeglass Chain Drop Dangle Glas

City of

Laredo, Texas


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Laredo International Bridge Crossing Data


Get information on small business development, guidance and resources to start or maintain your business.  COVID-19 business resources also available.

City Hall

1110 Houston Street

Laredo, Texas 78040

(956) 791-7300

City Hall - Annex

1102 Bob Bullock Loop

Laredo, Texas 78043

(956) 727-6400

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