Combofix Tattoo Practice Skin Over item handling ☆ 10Sheets 6 8 x inch B Double Sided Combofix Tattoo Practice Skin Over item handling ☆ 10Sheets 6 8 x inch B Double Sided $9 Combofix Tattoo Practice Skin 10Sheets 6 x 8 inch Double Sided B Beauty Personal Care Personal Care $9,Sided,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care,Skin,B,/pondfish/,Practice,8,Double,inch,x,Tattoo,,6,Combofix,10Sheets $9,Sided,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care,Skin,B,/pondfish/,Practice,8,Double,inch,x,Tattoo,,6,Combofix,10Sheets $9 Combofix Tattoo Practice Skin 10Sheets 6 x 8 inch Double Sided B Beauty Personal Care Personal Care

Combofix Tattoo Practice Skin Over item handling ☆ 10Sheets 6 8 x Special price inch B Double Sided

Combofix Tattoo Practice Skin 10Sheets 6 x 8 inch Double Sided B


Combofix Tattoo Practice Skin 10Sheets 6 x 8 inch Double Sided B

Product description

Combofix Tattoo Practice Skin 10Sheets 6 x 8 inch Double Sided Blank Tattoo Practice Skin Suitable for Beginners and Experienced Tattoo Artist Tattoo Practice Skin for Tattooing Tattoo Supplies (10pcs)

Condition:: 100% brand new and high quality
Material: synthetic skin-like flexible rubber material
Color: as show in the pics
size: 8" * 6" (L*W)
Thickness :0.12 cm / 0.047 inches

1. Tattoo skin plain for freestyle tattoo practice.
2. Double sides tattoo practice skin for added value.
3. Practice different techniques, from outlining to shading.
4. The tattoo skin practice no impurities and better skin touch feeling.
5. The tattoo practice skin is flexible and has a similar feel as human skin.
6. Ideal for wrapping around arms or legs and place on chests or backs to practice tattoo.

1.When practicing with tattoo practice skin, for a better feeling of what it'll be like to tattoo on a real person, you'd better attach the piece of tattoo practice skin to various body parts to get used to the various curves and contours , you'll be working with on the human form.
2.Due to the difference between different monitors, the pictures may not reflect the actual color of the item.

If you don't fall in love with the tattoo practice skin the moment you open the packaging, we promise your money back. If you have any questions, please just contact us directly.

Combofix Tattoo Practice Skin 10Sheets 6 x 8 inch Double Sided B

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