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Eyes Protection Filter and Keyboard Cover fit HP Indianapolis Mall Chromebook 67% OFF of fixed price G 11

Eyes Protection Filter and Keyboard Cover fit HP Chromebook 11 G


Eyes Protection Filter and Keyboard Cover fit HP Chromebook 11 G

Product Description


Why You need to buy the Anti Blue Light Screen Protector?

  • 1.Filter out Blue Light
  • 2.Anti Glare Screen Protector
  • 3.100% UV400 Blocking
  • 4.Relieve the fatigue of eyes
  • 5.Anti-Static Screen Protector
  • 6.Anti Scratch Screen Protector
  • 7.Anti-fingerprint, HD Retina Clarity
  • 8.Radiation Protection Screen Protector

What is Blue Light?

Wavelengths of blue light are between 380nm to 495nm and it's a kind of visible light. Blue light is short and has high energy. It can penetrate the lens directly to the retina of the fundus. Blue light is widely discovered in led light sourced products such as pc, cell phone, game machines and TV etc

However, mobile phone screens, LEDs, and computer screen lights all generate a lot of blue light. This can cause harm to people's eyes and skins, and cause eye fatigue and may even cause age-related macular degeneration which not only resulting in visual fatigue, but absorb too much blue light can disrupt this cycle, causes you cannot to fall asleep at night and cannot wake up normally at the next morning

Eyes Protection Filter and Keyboard Cover fit HP Chromebook 11 G

Jewelry Repair

Your one-stop shop for repairs

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